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Case Investigations in Vermont & New Hampshire

Let Our Vermont Attorney Look Into Your Legal Matters

At Marsicovetere & Levine Law Group, P.C., we are proud to have a professional investigator on our staff to assist you with a variety of legal claims, potential legal actions, and private investigative matters. One of our Vermont lawyers, Susan Johnson, is highly trained and experienced in investigative work including reviewing discovery materials, interviewing witnesses, finding and vetting forensic experts, and creating accurate timelines. An exceptional asset to our criminal defense, family law, and personal injury cases, Attorney Susan Johnson is ready to help.

If you are considering hiring an investigator for any legal matter that you may have, contact Marsicovetere & Levine Law Group, P.C. today and speak with a member of our staff about our in-house investigator.

Importance of Having an Investigator on Your Case

In most cases, legal investigators can be a significant asset to your case, especially in reviewing pieces of evidence. As a dedicated legal counsel, our firm takes the time to understand every aspect of your case to ensure that your case is strong enough to stand on its own. If we find your case lacking, we can launch a full investigation to find key witnesses or pieces of evidence that can support our stand.

Some services our investigator in Vermont can do for you:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Work with police and forensic scientists
  • Develop timelines
  • Research voluminous legal documents
  • Help draft summaries and witness testimonies
  • Produce high-quality investigative reports

At Marsicovetere & Levine Law Group, P.C., we take all evidence, allegations, accusations, and charges with grave seriousness. Our investigator can help ensure confidentiality and make viable, legally sound findings that can significantly support your case.

Receive a Comprehensive Case Investigation in Vermont

Whether you are looking to find evidence in a family law case, develop witness accounts and timelines in a criminal matter, or reconstruct an accident scene in a personal injury case, you can rely on the investigative skills of our Vermont attorney. Our legal team stands by our clients and we are here to assist you in receiving the most favorable result possible to your legal matter.

Give our firm a call at (802) 221-4461 to schedule an initial consultation.